The Simpsons Have Predicted The Future
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Unbelievable! The Simpsons Have Predicted The Future

In 30 years, the Simpsons have made jokes, often ultra crazy and most of them, if you think it through, they become prophetic. The teams of Matt Groening, creator of the cartoon, have proven to be good at predicting the future: from rigged voting machines, the economic collapse of Greece, the purchase of 21st Century Fox by Disney, to coronavirus. The Simpsons are true psychics! You doubt it? Then stay with us until the end to find out the 10 times The Simpsons have predicted the future.

In 2015, if you recall, things weren’t looking very good for Greece and many people thought that the country would soon be out of the euro zone. The financial crisis was indeed causing considerable tension at that time. And as astonishing as it may seem, the Simpsons had predicted everything two years in advance. Yes, this wasn’t very strange to those who saw episode 10 of season 23 of The Simpsons’ “politically inept” episode. In that episode, which first aired in January 2013, Homer Simpson appeared on a Fox News television set. In the news banner that scrolls across the bottom of the screen we can read that “Europe puts Greece on sale on Ebay”. This statement is as funny as it is surprising. Especially since at the time we were already talking about Grexit. We must believe that the Simpsons were right on this one! After all, the Greek financial crisis could not escape their oracle’s vision.

In 2003, the famous German-born magician Roy Horn experienced a totally shocking event. During his show in Las Vegas, USA, Roy was attacked by his own tiger. Following this misadventure, Siegfried, the other member’s duo, took to the stage a few moments later to cancel the end of the show. Since then, Roy has never been able to go back on stage and had to sign the end of his professional career. Nevertheless, this tragic event was known long before it happened. At least by Simpson fans. The reason? Well, the cartoon had in 1993, ten years earlier, broadcast episode 10 of season 5 in which we can see, two tiger trainers visibly German, Gunter and Ernst are attacked by a tiger in the middle of the show. After that the performance came to an abrupt end. Surprising, isn’t it? Moreover, in both situations it was white tigers. We can’t deny that the similarities are impressive.

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In 2013, a scandal erupted in Europe when equine DNA was discovered in several “Findus” products supposedly containing beef, such as lasagna or spaghetti. After that, the supplier Spang hero was forced to withdraw from the market. This event went around the world! Some time later, an episode of The Simpsons was shared by thousands of internet users. And with good reason! In this sequence we can see Doris, the canteen girl from Springfield school, using the same method of deception. We see her preparing a meal and rummaging, without anyone knowing, in a metal canister containing pieces of horse meat, when it was supposed to serve beef. But did Matt Groening, the series creator, want to come back in a squeaky way to the scandal that animated Europe by devoting a special episode to it? No, he didn’t. The scene actually dates back to 1994, from episode 19 of season 5. Yes, the directors of The Simpsons are obviously able to anticipate a lot of events. Nevertheless, the creator of the series admits that each time it’s just a coincidence.

It’s now almost an evidence: the Simpson family has a power of divination. At least, that’s what we would be led to believe when we notice certain similarities between cartoon and reality. And the most striking example is certainly that of episode 5 of season 10, entitled “When dish upon a star” or in French ” When Homer makes his movie”. We can see in an excerpt a very particular sign appearing in the set from this episode: it indicates that 21st Century Fox is “a division of the Walt Disney Company”. A premonitory joke that has become a reality, since 20 years after the broadcast of this episode, Disney has bought the majority of Fox’s assets. Amazing, isn’t it? But this prediction takes on a completely different meaning when we know that The Simpsons are among the franchises that Disney got its hands on with its takeover.

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In an episode of The Simpsons aired in 2008, we can perceive the father of the America’s laziest family trying to fulfill his duty as a citizen by voting in a machine. But that was without counting on a stubborn voting machine. As he pressed the “Barack Obama” button with his big yellow finger, the machine told him that he had just given his vote to Republican candidate John McCain. This is a nightmare for any citizen. Unsurprisingly, in 2012, this happened in reality. Indeed, a voting machine in Pennsylvania was removed when people found that all the votes for Barack Obama were changed for Mitt Romney. Coincidence? Not at all. In fact, the Simpson’s creator probably wanted to expose the flaws in voting machines. However, the two situations are surprisingly similar.

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