The Most Icredible Wives in The World
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10 The Most Incredible Wives in The World

The great planetary family, counts with more than 3 billion 800 million women, and each one of them is beautiful and unique. Yet some of them seem to be extremely particular. Incredible is the only word to describe them, and for good reason. Some have been endowed with extraordinary abilities by nature, while others have changed their appearance as a result of unrealistic ideals of beauty. These incredible women have the ability to combine strength and femininity, to generate life or to cope with various gender-related handicaps. With them, the extraordinary becomes ordinary and they have become exceptional and inspiring role models around the world. Today we will discover ten very amazing women who are in the Guinness Book of World Records.

If nowadays several tests allow to determine the degree of fertility in women, the concept of hyperfertility is still without medical foundation. Mariam Nabatanzi is a Ugandan woman who embodies one of the best examples of hyperfertility. But while in some Ugandan cultures a woman’s status and self-esteem are based on her fertility, Mariam’s case is exceptional. The fertility rate is high in Uganda, with an average of 6 children per household, yet Mariam’s performance is cause for celebration. She suffers from hyperfertility, an ability to get pregnant very quickly, despite the use of contraceptives. At the age of 39, she is already the mother of 44 children. Yes, 44! The Daily Mirror called her the most fertile woman in the world. Mariam has not had an easy journey, far from it. In her interview with Reuters, she confides in her painful life journey. She says she has never been happy since she was born. When she was only 12 years old, she was forced into a forced marriage with a 40-year-old man. A year later, she gave birth to her first child. In the meantime, she had triplets three times, triplets four times and twins six times. And they all have the same father. Father who finally decided to leave them and abandon Mariam. Today, in addition to taking care of her numerous offspring, Mariam multiplies small jobs to earn enough money to feed them. The older children have also dropped out of school to meet the needs of the family. Because Mariam has to manage everything on her own. Let’s wish Mariam good luck and a better end to her life than she started!

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Harnaam Kaur, a young English woman suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that is accompanied by significant hair growth, particularly on the face. Harnaam Kaur was only 11 years old when long hair began to grow on her face, torso, chest, legs and arms. After many difficult years marked by harassment and suicidal thoughts, against all odds, she decided to accept herself as she is. Thanks to a salutary awareness, her beard has instead become a source of strength and confidence. She became a bearded woman and was baptized a Sikh. Beyond our differences in terms of physical appearance and culture, the soil is fertile for growing collaboration around shared values of human dignity. So, at the age of 24, the bearded lady, already has much to teach her neighbor about self-love, personal power and defining who she is. Her wedding dress accentuates the visibility of her message and reinforces its reach. Harnaam Kaur is widely admired on social networks.

Whether it is discreet or covers a whole part of the body, tattooing has become trendy and takes on a more aesthetic dimension. The amateurs of body decorations are then more and more numerous. In exceptional cases, as incredible as it may seem, tattooed people push their body transmutation to the extreme, the point of marking almost their entire body with indelible ink. The best illustration of this is the case of an American couple where love rhymes with tattoo: Charlotte Guttenberg and Chuck Helmke form the most inked couple in the world in the senior category. It is not surprising that the two lovebirds met in a tattoo parlor. The designs and the number of tattoos decorating their skins earned them a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. The 67-year-old lady has 91.5% of her body covered with tattoos. As for her companion, he has drawings on 93.75% of his body surface. And as long as the tattoo does not yet dress their body like a second skin, their project continues.

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Their names are Katyucia Lie Hoshino and Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros, two young Brazilians aged 32 and 35 respectively. And their exceptional mini size is far from ideal for them to find the right shoe for their feet. Yet their idyll was born on the Web in 2006. After 4 years of friendly exchanges on the dating site Orkut, the two little lovebirds decided to meet each other. To join Paulo, little Katyucia left Londrina, her hometown, for the town of Itapeva. A beautiful love story begins between them. They form a charming couple, but with the peculiarity that they measure, between the two of them, 1m81. The couple’s union has earned them a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s smallest couple. This official designation was an opportunity for Paulo and Katyucia to convey a strong message of Love and tolerance.

Zlata, a contortionist of Russian origin, is known as the most flexible woman in the world. Her real name Julia Guenthel, Zlata is endowed with an astonishing flexibility. She discovered her ability to contort at the age of 4, and has been training every day since.

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