The Most Unbelievable Prison Escapes Filmed by the Camera

The Most Unbelievable Prison Escapes Filmed by the Camera

Some prisoners sometimes manage to escape thanks to improvised or long-prepared stratagems. So, imagine that a prisoner has managed to escape through the slot where his meal is usually deposited, or that a Brazilian gang leader has disguised himself as a girl to escape from prison. It would seem almost implausible, yet these escapes, and many others, actually happened. Would you like to find out? Then make yourself comfortable, here are the most incredible prison escapes filmed by the camera.

Michael Maldonado is a truly amazing man. And with good reason. Having just been arrested by the police of Porter County, Indiana State for possession of illegal substances, this young man clearly had no intention of staying behind bars. Once he arrived in the prison garage, an event that seems to be straight out of an episode of Prison Break occurred. In fact, we can see, thanks to the surveillance camera in the garage shows two police officers moving slightly away from the car where the inmate was. Meanwhile, the garage door started to close. Taking advantage of this opportune moment, Michael moved into the driver’s seat, opened the door and ran for his life. This scene is truly incredible! Especially since this fugitive narrowly escaped through the door. Without delay, the police sounded the alarm and went looking for him. And unfortunately for Michael, his freedom was short-lived since he was found the next day. After this total failure, Michael Maldonado was charged with two crimes, and as a result his prison term was extended.

Staying in prison has one advantage: you have all the time you need to think about escaping. The proof with these three prisoners named Aaron Clark, Ricky Sena and Victor Apodaca who escaped from a penitentiary located in the town of Clovis, New Mexico. Their plan was quite simple: to escape through a door of the establishment and head for the exit. All in a matter of minutes. To get there, there is no doubt in the minds of the police officers: they had help. Indeed, the main suspect was a woman named Sarina Dodson. She was in charge of keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras, but reported no escapes. However, the fugitives can clearly be seen passing through the exit door and then walking quickly out of the prison. Thus, the prison guard was forced to admit to having assisted the three prisoners to escape from the detention centre. As a result, she was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. As for the other prisoners, the police found them a few days later in a house in Clovis where they were comfortably settled. They didn’t go very far after all! Since their new arrest, their prison sentence has been largely increased.

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Prisoners can be very creative when it comes to prison breaks. And this is the case of these three prisoners, named Bac Duong, Hossein Nayeri, and Jonathan Tieu. The latter have in fact escaped from Santa Ana maximum security prison in California in a spectacular way. They managed to saw through a metal grill to access a ventilation duct and made their way to the roof of their prison, from where they descended using a rope made from sheets. Then all three escaped in a white van. They also had the help of several accomplices, including an English teacher who was giving lessons in prison in Hossein Nayeri. However, while those who helped the prisoners escape were arrested, there was no question of the three fugitives being released. All measures had been taken to find them. In the end, after more than a week searching for the dangerous criminals, the police arrested Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu thanks to the call of a passer-by who recognized the white van reported in the media. As for Bac Duong, he turned himself in to the police. He went to a gas station where one of his friends was working and asked her to call the authorities. In the end, the escape was not only a failure, but all three prisoners ended up with much longer prison sentences.

Derrick Estell carefully planned his escape. But he didn’t choose to dig a tunnel, or escape in the middle of the night. It was under the astonished eyes of the guards at Hot Springs Prison in Hot Springs, Arkansas, that the inmate made his escape. The scene is bluffing! From the images captured by the security cameras, there is no doubt that the thirty-year-old had carefully prepared his escape. When he left his cell to make a phone call, he first waited until the guards were far enough away from him to sneak in through the skylight of an information desk. On the other side, a guard could have intercepted him, but he was distracted by William Harding, another 58-year-old inmate suspected of being his accomplice. Chased by a guard, Estell then fled through the front door of the building, before being picked up a few dozen metres away by someone in a car. Although the car was found by the police, Derrick had been completely missing for several weeks. Guilty of 26 different charges, the fugitive was certainly not ready to show himself. Later, his mother, Glenda Estell, was arrested for helping her son escape from jail, and a few weeks after that arrest, Derrick was also found in Florida by law enforcement.

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Here’s a video that would make pale the most experienced criminals with jealousy. Detained in the Waukesha police department, this woman named Amber Gonzalez, 30 years old, was able to escape with remarkable ease. Guilty, among other things, of theft, this woman had no intention of spending time in prison. The proof with this surveillance footage. We can see Amber trying as best she can to remove the handcuffs that were attached to the wall. At the same time, she was constantly looking at her phone, as if to read instructions that would guide her to get rid of the handcuffs. And against all odds, in less than a minute, her little trick obviously worked. It’s really surprising! Especially since the handcuffs were very tight on her wrist. Unsurprisingly, Amber immediately fled through an emergency exit. We imagine that the police officers could only be astonished to see her thus disappearing. However, Amber did not enjoy her freedom for a long time because an hour after her escape she was found in a hotel.

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