Most Embarrassing Moments That Presidents Endured
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The Most Embarrassing Moments That Presidents Endured

Being president of a country requires strong skills in many areas. Especially when it comes to how to behave in public. Yet some presidents let themselves go out of carelessness or clumsiness, while others fall into embarrassment unwillingly. Imagine Putin taking a memorable fall in front of hundreds of spectators, or Emmanuel Macron receiving an egg in the face, or a camera filming Donald Trump’s large bald spot despite all his attempts to hide it from the general public. That would be really embarrassing! If you wish to discover these situations and many more, stay with us until the end! Here are the social mistakes, gaffes and other presidential blunders, who are sometimes to laugh out loud.

It is well known that Russian President Vladimir Putin practices several physical activities, including ice hockey. To prove his skills, the president participated in a hockey game in which he scored 8 goals, offering a 147 victory to his team. Following this remarkable performance, Putin undertook a lap of honour at the end of the game. Everything was going very well until he fell in a memorable way in front of the spectatorโ€™s eyes.

Besides Ice Hockey, Vladimir Putin also practices Judo. He even has a black belt. So, it’s no fun looking for sticks for the current Russian president. But, that’s not what this young woman thought. She didn’t spare her opponent as she knocked him down in just a few seconds! Then Putin presumably got up embarrassed.

During official meetings, politicians must behave in an exemplary manner. However, Mohamed Morsi, former president of Egypt, seems to have forgotten this fundamental rule. Thus, during a meeting with the former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, Morsi behaved, to say the least, indecently. Indeed, we can see him in this sequence touching himself between the legs. Yes, you heard right! Obviously, as a result of such behaviour, Morsi became the target of criticism.

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In 2010, a truly amazing event took place at the Arab Summit. The reason? Well, the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, didn’t seem to really know how to behave in public. So, when he saw Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan head of state, reach out his hand, Silvio spontaneously leaned over to kiss it. Unsurprisingly, this astonishing and surprising act was strongly criticized by the Italian media.

Because of the coronavirus, everyone knows, we don’t have to shake hands anymore. But, Prince Charles probably forgot to consider that basic precaution. During one event, Prince Charles twice tried to greet the participants with a handshake. Seeing that no one was holding out their hand in return, he was forced to change his greeting method, opting for Namaste. In spite of this, Prince Charles obviously did not learn the lesson as he eventually caught the virus.

When Donald Trump was on a trip to Poland, he received a memorable moment from the wife of the Polish president. As the White House tenant reached out to him, Agata KornhauserDuda snubbed him, probably unintentionally, preferring to greet Melania Trump first. The frozen and disgusted face of Donald Trump in this sequence says a lot about his surprise, looking his irritation, at having been ignored in this way.

Donald Trump does not tolerate criticism of his hair. But unfortunately for him, a video posted on the net, gave reasons that helds rumors that the president has fake hair. Indeed, as he climbed up the gangplank, an air blast shook his hair and revealed a large bald patch from the nape of his neck to the top. Very quickly, the images went viral, not sparing the 70yearold from several mockeries.

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