What Happens When You Piss Christiano Ronaldo Off
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What Happens When You Piss Christiano Ronaldo Off

Cristiano Ronaldo, or CR7 for short, is universally recognized as one of the best football players in history. His prestigious list of honors includes some of football’s finest and greatest achievements, and his innate goalscoring instinct has earned him a place among the world’s top scorers. But while the fivetime Golden Ball winner’s talent is undeniable and cannot suffer criticism, his sometimescondescending behavior and rather Bling Bling lifestyle have placed him in the center of the sights of his many enemies, who never miss a chance to shoot their poisoned arrows at him.

Cristiano Ronaldo is therefore a great player, even though his many detractors sometimes accuse him of megalomania, which does not, however, succeed in overshadowing the full extent of his art and his marvelous exploits. Nevertheless, those who really know the former Real Madrid star know the full extent of his kindness and greatness of spirit, beyond the many clichés conveyed by the gossip press. The fact remains that these same people, who have become intimate with the hottest Portuguese on the planet, also know his extraordinary predisposition to get angry quickly. And indeed, it turns out that the slightest thing can irritate our dear Cristiano and push him over the edge very easily. So, whether on the pitch or outside the stadium, CR7 has often lost his temper and his reactions are almost always a laughing stock. So, make yourself comfortable, because today we’re going to find out what happens when you piss Cristiano off, and you’ll see, you’ll be bloody surprised! Let’s get started!

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While it is unanimously agreed that Cristiano Ronaldo is an accomplished player on the field, collecting the most splendid goals and assists and often positioning himself as the mainstay of his team, the fact remains that his undisguised bragging rights make him a player much hated by the fans of opposing teams. But it turns out that the socalled arrogance for which he is so often accused is merely a label that has been willingly attached to him out of sheer jealousy, because in the end Cristiano Ronaldo is not that condescending. His detractors accuse him of showing off his abs while celebrating goals and riding bigengined cars, but how many sportsmen and women with money in their pockets do so without being worried? It’s true that, like every human being, CR7 may have his faults, but they’re not as obvious as they seem, except perhaps for critics who accuse him of being a nervous wreck.

This characteristic of his personality is, moreover, common to practically all Latin people, who are rightly said to be warmblooded. Cristiano Ronaldo has a knack for making himself angry, especially in big games like the league finals or the dreaded Spanish classic. In 2010, in a match between Real Madrid and eternal rival, Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo’s nerves were put to the test. The 13th round of the Spanish championship would prove to be as stormy as every year, exacerbating tensions and often forcing the referee to show the red card to curb the excesses. But the game was about to take on an explosive aspect when, just ten minutes after the second half, Xavi opened the scoring for the Blaugrana, followed exactly eight minutes later by Pedro, who doubled the lead. The Camp Nou was in a state of jubilation to the point of shaking its foundations, but the joy of the Catalan fans was matched only by the bitterness and frustration of the Madrid fans, with Cristiano Ronaldo leading the way. The emblematic No7 had no desire to see his team score two goals in the first 20 minutes of the match, and his hopes of shining brightly by scoring the first goal of the game and ridiculing Messi in the process had sadly evaporated.

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It did not take too much to push the young Portuguese player to the limit, and Cristiano let his fury explode. And so, in the 31st minute of play, with spirits slightly warmed on both sides, the Portuguese striker came to claim a ball from Pep Guardiola, who was standing on the edge of the pitch. However, the Barcelona coach disagreed and preferred to throw the ball to one of his players, as the ball was in the Barcelona’s camp.

A gesture that literally enraged Cristiano, and to get revenge, he suddenly pushed Pep Guardiola, almost knocking him down. It was a gesture that set the ball rolling and that was to degenerate into a general brawl, if not for the professionalism of the players at both clubs, although some of them, notably Victor Valdes, showed a certain virulence in their reaction, which was to earn the Catalan goalkeeper the yellow card. As for Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his inappropriate gesture, he finally got off with a simple warning, although the yellow card may well have turned red. Nevertheless, the referee was a little lenient with the situation, since as a perfect pro he took into account the highly explosive context that follows every classic and the nerves of both players and fans, who are almost always on edge. However, the outcome of the match was to prove even more detestable for the meringue players, as in the end they lost the match with a humiliating score line of five goals to zero.

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