Amazing! When Celebrities Surprise Their Fans - Johnny Depp
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Amazing! When Celebrities Surprise Their Fans

Meeting a star, in which we’re fan of, is always a big moment. And even more so when it comes as a surprise. People who are lucky enough to have had such an experience will remember it forever. Imagine Johnny Depp putting on his Captain Sparrow costume to surprise children in a hospital, or Adam Levine visiting several people in their homes on Valentine’s Day. That would be quite amazing, wouldn’t it? Would you like to discover the 10 times that stars have surprised their fans? Then make yourself comfortable, here they are.

Justin Bieber

Amazing! When Celebrities Surprise Their Fans - Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber is very close to his audience, and he never misses an opportunity to prove it. For example, when fans of this singer entered a contest to try out the gameJust Dance 4“, they were surprised. Indeed, the girls danced to one of Justin Bieber’s songs, without suspecting that the singer was present the whole time, hiding behind a dull mirror, through which he could watch the girls dance. After a few moments, Justin Bieber showed up by unexpectedly. And to say the least, the young ladies couldn’t believe their eyes. Some screamed with joy, while others cried with happiness. It was obviously an unforgettable moment for these young girls. Especially since they even had a little dance with the star, hugs, and selfies.

Mohamed Salah

Amazing! When Celebrities Surprise Their Fans - Mohamed Salah
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In March 2018, Liverpool star Mohamed Salah surprised 20 young fans with a surprise. They had been selected to take part in a TV commentary competition. They actually thought that the person who made the best comment would win a meeting with the Egyptian star. But it didn’t work out as planned. The kids did comment on a Reds game. However, as Mohamed Salah scored a goal in the match and everyone was shouting into the microphone to celebrate the achievement, the famous footballer suddenly emerged from the set up to surprise the children. Both shocked and joyful, the young fans were able to spend a very good time with the star. In fact, Mohamed Salah was able to spend all his time with each of the children. It’s certain they won’t forget this surprising encounter with the footballer, anytime soon.

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Daniel Radcliffe

Amazing! When Celebrities Surprise Their Fans - Daniel Radcliffe
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Daniel Radcliffe may have put the Harry Potter wand back in the closet, but he continues to have a magical effect on his fans. On the occasion of the release of the movieWhat if“, the hero of the Harry Potter saga traveled to London to give his fans a totally hilarious surprise. In fact, many of them were waiting impatiently for the release of the movie. As a result, they immediately rushed to the movie theatres to discover this new cinematic gem. And it was in London that they were the luckiest! Indeed, at the end of one of the projections of the film in a London cinema, some groups of friends were offered a miniinterview to give their opinion on what they had just seen. And it’s a good thing they accepted! While they were talking to the camera, each group was surprised by the sudden arrival of Daniel Radcliffe himself. Of course, the screaming and tears were not long in coming. The fans were probably in for the biggest surprise of their lives. Especially since the young actor didn’t hesitate to hug them and take pictures with them.

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