AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World
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AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World

It is not only adults who can perform feats in sport, but also sometimes children. Whether it’s in running, football, boxing, or slalom, some children have already become stars and have a bright future ahead of them. Today we will meet Rudolph Ingram, Arat Hosseini, Sofia Bogadanova, and many other children like no other whose sporting prowess has nothing to envy to that of adults.ย 

Arat Hosseini

This little boy of Iranian origin is only 6 years old, and yet he arouses the admiration and astonishment of all thanks to his incredible body, his multiple talents, and his accomplished feats. NicknamedSpiderman Kid“, Arat Hosseini is already a star in his country. He became known on social networks thanks to the photos and videos published by his father, who is proud to show the whole world his son’s talent and his dream body that would make more than one person die of envy! The little boy who lived in Babol, Iran, before moving to Liverpool in England, was engaged in daily physical training which was very important because his father wanted to make him a role model and a future champion.

We can see him, for example, performing very complicated gymnastic tricks at the age of only 2 years old! The child has fun linking pushups and abs and doing the big split. He is quite capable of bridging between two chairs and cando back somersaults and even climb the wall! Now you understand where his nickname comes from. But while he’s climbing the wall, the number of subscribers on his Instagram account continues to climb as well.

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The child would now have no less than 2 million subscribers on Instagram thanks to his impressive video footage and his extraordinary physical performance, which he even reveals on television. But far from the TV sets, it is on the lawn that the young Iranian prodigy seems to have found his way. Today, it is in football that little Arat Hosseini is giving it all. Watch the videos of his exploits, where he makes technical gestures that are unbelievable for his age, dribbles, abs, pushups, and goals, all with brilliance, of course. This is something to amaze amateurs and professionals alike, including Lionel Messi. One thing is certain, however: at just six years of age, Arat Hosseini is already seen as a great hope for Iranian football. We wish him all the best!

Sofia Bogdanova

She’s the little slalom queen, that’s her! This young Russian girl, just 14 years old, became famous in her discipline, freestyle slalom when she won first place in the junior category at the World Freestyle Roller Skating Championships in Paris in 2014. The girl started training in roller skating long before the age of 7, but before that, Sofia had made her debut in figure skating when she was only 4 years old. We now understand better where all this grace comes from that she reveals when she competes. Thanks to her breathtaking performance, the young Russian has won numerous awards. Indeed, she has won the world junior championship three times and the European championship seven times! Today, Sofia Bogdanova can be proud to be among the world’s greatest talents in this acrobatic discipline that combines physical performance with artistic finesse.

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Rita Ishizuka

This little Japanese boy no higher than three apples is still only three years old, and yet he already knows how to skateboard! When he went to Tokyo to visit his brother, he had a lot of fun skateboarding in the famous Shibuya district, to the great surprise of all those who could see him there or watch his videos. This adorable kid from Hokkaido seems destined for a great skateboarding career. You only have to see the multiple talents he shows when he slides on the board, perfectly at ease, impressing the fanatics of this sport as well as the tens of thousands of subscribers he counts on Instagram. We can also see him jumping over the ramp to land easily on three skateboards stacked one on top of the other and keep his balance on it perfectly! You’ll be amazed to see him slide down the ramp, standing on his board, and even go down a few steps without any difficulty! Well, well, well! At only three years old, this little boy who has already learned to skateboard and mastered it perfectly before even going to school has a promising future!

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