AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World
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AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World

Ethan Bertogal

Ethan Bertogal is another child who has mastered the art of glidingOn water. Aged less than 10 years old, this young Frenchman has distinguished himself in a wakeboard cable and wakeskate boat, two sensational water sports activities that he started training for at the age of 5. This is a sport that can be spectacular, but it is not easy because it is an intense activity during which theridercan be pulled by a cable or by a boat to which he is attached by a rope while balancing on aboard. It all started when Ethan’s father sent a video showing his son’s performance to the organizers of the competition, allowing him to take part in this competition where he was the youngest participant.

But the real success came when the young Frenchman won the 2018 world championship in this discipline in Mexico. For Ethan, it is therefore out of the question to step back or even stop training, even during the winter. During this period, he flies to the Philippines to continue training to be ready for the next season. Thanks to the support of his parents and a lot of training, Ethan Bertogal is one of the young hopefuls of wakeboarding. No wonder he is already a star in his country. We’ll certainly be hearing about him for many years to come.

Evnika Saadvakaas

Her name may not ring a bell, but Evnika Saadvakaas is one of the youngest female hopefuls in boxing. This young girl of Kazakh origin will intimidate you with her strength that surpasses that of many adult men. The young boxer possesses incredible talents, but her great performances are due to the hard training she started at the age of 3 with her father Rustam Saadvakaas, himself a boxing coach and professional veteran. Father and daughter train very hard and it finally paid off. When she was only 5 years old, the girl hit hard in the headlines for managing to throw 100 punches in less than two minutes! Can you imagine that?! There’s no doubt that Evnika will very soon make her entry into the professional boxing ring, and all the criteria are there to prove it: fast and precise punches, incomparable straight lines, and very good foot control.

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In fact, according to her personal statistics, she can hit 47 straights in 30 seconds. And you may find this hard to believe, but this little girl even managed to knock down a tree with her fists when she was only 10 years old! Look how she managed to get through the trunk in just a few seconds. This incredible video has already been viewed as no less than a million times, but it is not the first of its kind. In 2016, her father had already shared a video of his prodigal daughter, in which she can be seen kicking down her bedroom door with her fists. Well, well, well! Today, Evnika Saadvakaas continues to work hard to improve her abilities and live her passion to the fullest.

Rudolph Ingram Jr

Barely 7 years old, Rudolph Ingram Jr. has already been entered on the list of the world’s greatest riders. And for good reason: this little athlete, also known asBlaze“, orLightning“, is already a running genius and many already consider him the future Usain Bolt. Indeed, this little boy from the city of Tampa, in the state of Florida, USA, caused a sensation on the Internet after winning a 100 m race in only 13.48 seconds! A record yes, but above all a real feat at his age, especially when you consider that the Jamaican runner Usain Bolt set the record never before beaten by 9 seconds and 58 hundredths for the same distance.

According to Rudolph’s father, an American football coach, the young boy became interested in athletics and started training at the age of four after watching the Olympics. You may not know it but besides being an athlete and probably the fastest child in the world, Rudolph Ingram is also already a promising American football player. At his age, he is already attracting the interest and admiration of hundreds of thousands of subscribers who follow him on Instagram, as well as some stars of the sports world such as basketball player LeBron James and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. One thing is certain: Rudolph Ingram Jr., akaBlaze,” will soon be on the list of the world’s most talented athletes. We wonder if he will ever break Usain Bolt’s record.

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