AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World
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AMAZING! The Most Extraordinary Kids in the World

Ryusei Imai

At the age of 10 years old, Ryusei Imai is already a martial arts star in his country. On the other hand, this little Japanese boy has already begun to make a name for himself at a very young age. Ryusei Imai, akaBaby Bruce Lee“, “Mini Bruce LeeorLittle Dragon“, started watching movies of martial arts legends when he was only 1 year old. Three years later, the little boy began to train martial arts relentlessly. Thanks to the support of his family and his coach, he managed to become a real phenomenon in Japan. Indeed, the little boy is already capable of reproducing to perfection and the millimeter accuracy of all the gestures that are performed by Bruce Lee in some of his cult scenes. Look at how easily and perfectly he handles nunchaku to reproduce the same movements as Bruce Lee. Impressive! But apart from his passion and love for martial arts, Ryusei Imai is also a child like any other, who goes to the school of course. What do you think mini Bruce Lee likes to play during recess?

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