5 Amazing Films Before and After Special Effects - Maleficent
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Amazing Films Before and After Special Effects

Whether you’re a movie fan or not, you’ve probably seen dozens of movies where special effects have done most of the work! Have you ever wondered how they make characters fly, how they put a gigantic monster in a city, or how they create ultrarealistic fantasy creatures? Today, you will be happy and at the same time surprised to discover epic and legendary scenes from movies without their special effects! Here are the movies before and after the special effects! And we warn you, it will be very weird!

The Jungle Book

5 Amazing Films Before and After Special Effects - The Jungle Book
Image Source: The Jungle Book

We all know the story of little Mowgli, that little piece of man who came straight out of the jungle, who is surrounded by a whole bunch of animals, who was raised in the wild by wolves and who crossed the jungle to reach the Men’s Village to escape from the evil tiger Shere Khan.

Nearly fifty years after the animated film, a new version of The Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau has been released on the big screen in 3D. And it must be said that this time it even pleased the adults! And for a good reason, the incredible visual effects that the film offered to its audience are quite phenomenal! It’s not you who will say otherwise, admit it! You were probably stunned by the hyperrealistic features of the animals created from computergenerated images; the result of a titanic work carried out by nearly 2000 people in the space of three long years!

Who, while watching the film, hasn’t wondered how the animals were conceived? Well, it is thanks to the technique ofmotion capture“! It’s a process that consists of making the actor play dressed in a strange costume with sensors everywhere. Then, by computer, we transform it into a digital image, for the cinematics of the game. In this film, the animals were played by puppeteers, they were then modified on the computer. Long before a scene was shot, it was meticulously prepared: camera movements, animated animals, detailed shots, lighting, terrain models, etc.

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Surprisingly realistic, more than 70 animal species were created using computergenerated images by visual effects supervisors Adam Valdez and Dan Lemmon, from Baloo to Sheer Kan to Bagheera. To succeed in the wager of reality, programs have been developed to simulate muscles, skin and fur, silky coat, sharp fangs, wet truffles, all the exceptionally realistic character of the film is due to the mix of motion capture, photorealistic animation, and real shots.

More than 800 artists have come together to design environments that are more realistic than nature and simulate earth, fire, and water. As for natural settings, MPC created a wide variety of plants, trees, and rocks using more than 100,000 photographs of real places in the Indian jungle. The result is an incredible library of resources, used to create natural environments down to the smallest detail.

The Harry Potter

5 Amazing Films Before and After Special Effects - Harry Potter
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It’s simply impossible to talk about special effects without listing the Harry Potter saga, well yes, a movie about witchcraft and magical powers without special effects is a bit like having a good barbecue without merguez, it’s entirely necessary!

The Harry Potter directors used the special effect called theset extensionextensively. A process that consists of simply taking people on a green background and inlaying them in a landscape, but beware, it has nothing to do with the green inlay. For example, in a scene where wizards are running in a meadow, and behind them there are mountains, well, all that is real in this scene is thefakemeadow. The mountains behind them have been computer inlaid with this visual effect, to have a more interesting environment and better control in postproduction.

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Secondly, there is the strange physique of characters like Voldemort, whose nose is totally flat, or Dumbledore, who’s got some pretty weird fingers. Well, simple makeup wouldn’t have been enough to achieve the desired effects. To change the appearance of Dumbledore’s fingers, they had to hide his real fingers thanks to the color green, and replace them on a computer with a computergenerated image. As for Voldemort, in the film, he doesn’t really have a nose, except for two small holes that look like the nostrils of a snake. To do this they had to capture the movement of the actor’s face and then erase his nose, removing all the extra parts from the face, to recreate another one in 3D.

We can’t talk about special effects in Harry Potter without mentioning thePatronus“, those mythical effects, where animals come out of the wizardswands to protect them from the protagonists! Although it seems to be very complicated to achieve, this effect is one of the simplest! In reality, they have modeled an animal in 3D and they have animated it running around, making it emit blue smoke with specialized software, and the rendering is just spectacular!

Those were the most amazing special effects in Harry Potter! Oh yes, if you were wondering where Hogwarts was in real life? Well, all they had to do was reproduce the model of the real castle which is actually in the north of Scotland, then they added a lot of special effects to make it look like the real thing and not just a miniature!

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