The incredible friendship between humans and strange animals - Eric LeBlanc
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WOW! The Incredible Friendship Between Humans and Strange Animals

Since the dawn of time, Man has always had pets as companions: dogs, cats, rodents, and birdssmall, harmless beings that brighten the home, protect, comfort, and bring happiness to their owners. But as it takes everything to make a world, there are people in the four corners of the globe who have chosen instead to tame animals pretty strange! Make yourself comfortable, here are the 8 improbable and incredible friendships that exist between wild animals and their masters. Let’s get started!

Jeffrey Condon and Pelican

The incredible friendship between humans and strange animals - Jeffrey Condon
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Well let’s be clear, pelicans are not the closest birds to men, you have to say what it is! But Bigbird is an exception. This white pelican was separated from his fellow pelicans during a storm in 2015 when he got lost on the coast of Tanzania and was picked up by Jeffrey Condon, who was in charge of a safari near the Mahale Mountains in western Tanzania. As pelicans only hunt in packs, Bigbird was condemned to die. But it was without Jeffrey’s help that Bigbird decided to take him under his wing. He saved him, taught him how to feed himself and took care of him until the pelican regained his way, a friendship was then born between the two of them. Even if the bird is now free, the two friends meet every morning to go kayaking in Lake Tanganyika and have a good time, just like good old friends! Aboard his canoe, Jeffrey takes advantage of the getaway to teach his bird to fish since he didn’t learn how to do it as a child. When he sees a fish, the pelican automatically dips its long beak in the water to catch it. And while Jeffrey paddles, the pelican observes the waves and the trajectories of his partner’s fishing rod. Once on land, the bird never strays away from its master, it is always accustomed to standing next to Jeffrey, resting on his shoulders or even on his knees. In short, the two friends are literally glued together. This is what we call a fusional friendship!

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Here’s a story that seems to come straight out of Nemo’s world, except that this time it’s real.

Hiroyuki Arakawa and Asian Napoleon Fish

The incredible friendship between humans and strange animals - Hiroyuki Arakawa
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Divers are known to make friends with dolphins, but this Japanese diver had a crush on a Napoleon fish and it’s been going on for 25 years, a real fairy tale underwater! During his service, Hiroyuki Arakawa was in charge of supervising one of the sanctuaries of the Shinto religion called Torii, which is located under the surface of Tateyama Bay in Japan. Over the years, he became acquainted with various sea creatures and sea fish that live around the shrine. And that’s where he met the encounter of his life. Indeed, he met a nice Asian Napoleon fish named Yoriko. The two quickly became best friends! As you can see in these pictures, their relationship is exceptional. As soon as they see each other, they usually greet each other with a big kiss, caress each other and cuddle each other! Hiroyuki would never have thought that one day his best friend would be a fish!

Tony Joubert and Hippo

The incredible friendship between humans and strange animals - Tony Joubert
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Have you ever imagined yourself living like in the savannah and living with a hippopotamus? Of course, it seems totally unrealistic, and yet a family has done it well and they don’t seem to complain about it, look! In 2000, during a flood in Limpopo, South Africa, a baby hippopotamus got lost and was found on the bank of a river, right next to the house of the Joubert family. The baby hippopotamus was condemned to die if this family had not taken him in. By the time he was rescued, he was already dying and his was running out of time. Tony Joubert and his wife, both park managers, had no children at that time. They then decided to care for and feed the animal they finally tamed and named Jessica. This female hippopotamus is now 20 years old and weighs more than 1.5 tons. Although they are herbivorous and have a cute little face, hippos are very dangerous animals and are responsible for the death of several people every year. But Jessica has always been very tender with her masters. She has learned to hunt on her own and to protect her family from the crocodiles that swim in the river. The hippopotamus even has a cute peach tree, she loves Rooibos tea, and consumes about 20 liters of it every day. Today, Jessica lives in freedom with other companions of her species, but she regularly comes to visit Joubert to spend time with them and even watch television, yes quite original as an activity! Very happy of their hippopotamus, the Joubert’s have even created a special passage linking the river directly to the house. Well, spoiled Jessica!

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