TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Africa Elephant
Image Source: National Geographic

Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo

Although zoos often offer the best conditions, we could expect for, to guarantee the safety and tranquility of their occupants, the fact remains that the animals have an insatiable thirst for freedom. Some animals can no longer bear the monotony of their enclosure and finally decide to go and discover new horizons. But the idea of a rhino or an ostrich running into our streets is so absurd that it has often been staged in Hollywood films, such as the very comical Jumanji. However, sometimes reality exceeds fiction, and that’s what we’re going to show you today, here are the 10 wild animals that escaped from a zoo!

Red Panda

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Red Panda
Image Source: National Geographic

Did you know that the mascot of the Mozilla Foundation was not a fox, but a red panda? This cute little glutton and bamboo lover can be seen in the logo of Firefox, the browser itself. This strange little mammal of the Ailuridae family, measuring 50 to 64 cm long and weighing six kilos, looks more like a raccoon and therefore has nothing to do with its distant cousin, the giant panda. But what he misses in muscle, the red panda gains in malice and mischief, as the terrible Rusty proves so well, who decided on a beautiful summer’s day to go and see on the other side of his fence if sometimes the grass would not be greener there. A star resident of the Washington Zoo, the fugitive panda has indeed left his enclosure, most likely to go for a little walk, just to stretch his legs a bit and enjoy the nice weather. Immediately after the discovery of his escape, zoo officials they made a call for witnesses on Internet, warning people not to get too close to the furry fugitive, at the risk of being bitten or scratched by him. Luckily none of this happened, as good old Rusty was found a few hours later, thanks to the intervention of the zoo’s teams. The king of the bushytailed escape was thus able to return to his cozy nest.

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Humboldt Penguin

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Humboldt penguin
Image Source: National Geographic

Despite all the comfort and attention, they receive, wild animals in captivity always yearn for freedom, and penguins are no exception to this rule. A young Humboldt penguin at Tokyo Sea Life Park in Japan, wanting to change the overwhelming routine of his aquarium at all costs, has decided to run away and head for the sea. Better known as 337, the intrepid marine bird climbed an entire wall and slipped through a fence before joining one of the rivers that flow into Tokyo Bay. During the two months that the young penguin was on the run, he was spotted several times swimming quietly in the river and probably didn’t seem to be bored at all. But his gentle holiday was finally interrupted when the fugitive with his webbed feet and beak was finally apprehended by the officers of the water park, who cornered him on one of the river banks. 337 was thus able to return to his aquarium safe and sound and the icing on the cake, he brought back with him souvenirs of the trip, which he will be able to count on his penguin friends by the fireside.

Egyptian Cobra

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Egyptian cobra
Image Source: Wikipedia

The Egyptian cobra is one of the most venomous snake species in the world, and its bite can kill an adult male in less than 20 minutes. Thereโ€™s no need to say, that this is not the kind of reptile you would like to come across in an alleyway or a supermarket, especially since its natural habitat is not really what you would call very urban. Yet this cobra native to the dunes and desert plains of North Africa found himself on a tourist getaway in New York City, having managed to escape by who knows what means from its vivarium at the Bronx Zoo. The little coldblooded Houdini had literally disappeared from his cage, setting off a veritable zoo battleground and plunging the entire city of New York into psychosis. But after six days on the run, the fugitive with fangs and a forked tongue could finally be found, and it wasn’t at the foot of the Empire State Building or in a damp corner of Central Park that he had holed up. The cobra was, in fact, hiding in a dark, quiet corner less than 30 meters from its vivarium and was discovered by chance by the cleaning teams. The runaway snake was able to return to its little corner of paradise that it had left a few days earlier and New York City was able to sleep peacefully again.

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