TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Africa Elephant
Image Source: National Geographic

Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo

Sea Lion

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Sea Lion
Image Source: National Geographic

Cyril was a sea lion who almost caused a diplomatic incident between the United States and Canada. The story goes back to the summer of 1958, when Cyril, a 45 kg sea lion, decided to play to play with the little veins of breeze, escaping from the London Zoo in London, Ontario. The sea mammal had managed to make his way through the waterways to the Maumee River, right in the middle of the United States of America. For more than a week, the creature had been sighted on docks along Lake Erie, including the towns of Toledo, Port Clinton, and Sandusky, before finally being captured by Dan Danford, a mammal curator at the Toledo Zoo. But the story wasn’t over yet, because once Cyril was in captivity, London officials had, of course, decided to send a shipment of officials and a truck to bring him home. However, they were vehemently rejected by the zoo director, Phil Skeldon, who claimed to have caught the sea lion in American waters and wanted Canada to make an official request through the American government. Things didn’t come to a head in the end, because after a week of bitter negotiations, it was decided to return the sea animal and as of the escape, in the international friendship interest that unites the USA and Canada.

Male Ostrich

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Ostrich
Image Source: Wikipedia

With 2.50 m high and 150 kg, the male ostrich is the tallest and heaviest of today’s birds, and it must be said that it really imposes itself with such a size. But who would have thought for a moment that he would find himself face to beak at the bend of an alley, with this giant bird that usually populates the African savannah? This is what happened in the Guangxi Zhuang region of southern China when a large adult ostrich managed to escape from a breeding farm and began to parade through the streets of the city. Residents were almost taken aback by the sight of this exotic animal wandering quietly along the road, without the slightest concern for red lights or traffic regulations. The runaway ostrich was finally brought back to its farm safe and sound, and fortunately, no one was hurt.

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Africa Elephant

TOP 10 Wild Animals That Escaped from a Zoo - Africa Elephant
Image Source: National Geographic

We all love flea markets for the beautiful finds that can be found there, china or antique china full of history and rare collectibles. But no one would ever have thought to come face to face with a beautiful specimen of African elephant weighing more than 3 tons, by going to a summer flea market in the Netherlands. The pachyderm, which answers to the name of Buba, had indeed escaped from a Dutch circus that had planted its tent near Nordwijkerhout, a village in the province of South Holland. Buba, therefore, made his way very serenely to the flea market, which he walked back and forth through the various stalls of old clothes and antique trinkets. The 40yearold elephant was finally able to return to his enclosure at the circus, after a good walk through the market, and without having created the slightest incident. It is unclear which artifact or trinket was intended to be traded in this market, but the lack of breakage contradicts the adage about the elephant’s clumsiness in a china shop.

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