What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - baby panda
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What Do These Animals Look Like When They’re Born

At birth, some animals look totally different from what they will look like as adults. For example, when the kangaroo is born, it is only 2 cm long, the semnopithecus is orange at birth, whereas the adults of its species are grey, or pandas are 900 times lighter than their mother. Surprising, isn’t it? So, to find out what these animals, and many others, look like when they are born, stay with us until the end, I promise you will be surprised.


What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - baby kangoroo
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Originally from Australia, the kangaroos, these virtuoso kickboxers, are quite extraordinary animals. They are even the largest marsupials in the world. But perhaps the most impressive thing about these animals is how they look when they’re born. The reason? Well, the kangaroo’s calf is expelled at the embryonic stage, weighing only 350 mg and measuring only 2 cm long. So, it’s really tiny. In addition, the baby kangaroo will be pink, blind, and hairless. You have to admit that he doesn’t look like much when he is born! This is because kangaroos have a gestation period of only about a month, so it is quite natural that the baby is that small. However, this does not mean that the baby kangaroo will stop developing in the pouch. Quite the contrary! Called Joey by the Australians, the baby kangaroo will slip back into its mother’s pouch and attach itself to one of its four nipples. A few weeks later, Joey will spend more and more time in the outside world. And from the age of 8 months, the kangaroo will finally be able to get out of his mother’s pouch for good! At that moment, he will look a little more like his parents, although he will still be very small in size!

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Semnopithecus of Phayre

What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - Semnopithecus
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The Semnopithecus of Phayre is very atypical monkeys. Originally from Southeast Asia, this primate strangely resembles an orangutan when it comes to the world. Obviously, it has nothing to do with this hominid. And yet, at birth, they do have a shiny orange coat, while their parents remain grey. This distinction is no coincidence! On the contrary, if semenopithecus babies are orange, it’s not just to look cute. In fact, its color is vital to them. The reason? Well, the Semnopithecus, when it is small, is constantly watched by the members of its group, more than 40 primates. So, when an intruder or predator approaches, each mother rushes to grab a baby and escape into the trees, while the males stay behind to protect their backs. And that’s where the color of the Semnopithecus makes sense. Their orange fur is designed to help mothers immediately spot the little monkeys and grab them as quickly as possible. This helps them avoid losing them. But, as soon as the Semnopithecus babies start to gain confidence and move away from their mothers, their orange fur gradually turns grey. Therefore, after a few months, the Semnopithecus babies will look perfectly like the other members of their group. It must be said that this is a truly incredible animal species.


What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - baby panda
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Pandas are really fascinating animals. One of their arguments for seduction is definitely their looks. They look like giant teddy bears! But if pandas are so eye-catching, it’s also because newborns are exceptional. Pandas are extremely small at birth, weighing an average of just 100 grams, 900 times less than their mothers. This tiny size obviously makes pandas as vulnerable as they are fragile. To survive, therefore, a panda will need a great deal of care and attention. However, there is a reason why they are so small: the gestation period of the panda ranges from 90 days to a mere 160 days. It is therefore natural that pandas are not very massive. On top of that, the special thing about baby pandas is that they are born blind, almost hairless, and look like big pink rats. This appearance is, admittedly, very unattractive. However, all this will soon change as the hairs become colored very quickly and the baby pandas grow and grow bigger very fast. Around the age of three months, they start to look more or less like an ordinary panda. This kind of metamorphosis of the panda is absolutely amazing.

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