What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - baby panda
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What Do These Animals Look Like When They’re Born


What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - Flamingo
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The pink flamingo is a large bird of 1.5 meters with thin webbed legs and a super thick, curved beak capable of filtering water and mud to extract mollusks and crustaceans. What sets it apart? It is obviously its plumage. It is well known that the particularity of this giant bird is that it is literally pink. On the other hand, if you thought that baby pink flamingos are also born with this color, then think again! Instead, these birds come into the world with a fluffy white plumage. Yes, you heard right! Of course, no one could imagine them like that when they are small. On top of that, flamingo chicks have very large legs, a small body, and a straight beak, unlike adults. As a result, these chicks are unable to feed themselves. It is their parents who feed them with an oily liquid poured directly into their beak. However, from 2 months of age, the flamingo’s beak may become curved. This means that baby flamingos will finally be autonomous, or almost so. But how will the baby flamingo become pink; you might ask? Well, it’s because it’s in his genes. If baby flamingos are white at birth, they do start to turn white a year later, and then they turn pink at about three years of age. A natural change that is accentuated by their diet. Indeed, flamingos love artemia, a small crustacean that contains carotene. It is this pigment that more or less colors the plumage of these birds. Surprising, isn’t it?

Great Horned Owl

What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - Great Horned Owl
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The Great Horned Owl doesn’t bear his name for no reason! Measuring 75 cm in height and nearly two meters in wingspan, this owl is the largest nocturnal raptor in the world. It is also called “aristocratic” not only because of its large size but also because its head is topped by 8 cm long egrets. However, the Great Horned Owl does not emerge as massive and majestic. Proof of this is this unfortunate little chick that eventually fell out of its nest. Fragile and helpless, it had no chance of survival. That’s right, this baby great horned owl is not so big when it’s small. Far from it! He doesn’t have his egrets to tell him from the owls yet and he’s really tiny. Luckily for him, he was found at the right time by the right people. A considerate family who decided to contact an association to take care of him. In the end, the little owl was able to triple in size thanks to the care that was given to him and joined his family where he will be able to continue growing until he reaches his impressive adult size.

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What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - Baby Elephant
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It is well known that the elephant is a quite surprising animal: it is endowed with an excellent memory, a spirit of solidarity, unfailing loyalty in short, this mammal has an astonishing behavior and intelligence. But beyond these remarkable qualities, the elephant is rather known as the largest land animal. And not without reason! It’s over four meters high at the withers and weighs no less than six tons. Therefore, it would not be strange to learn that the baby elephant is not light either. At birth, the elephant weighs more than 120 kg and is already 95 cm tall. Which is, for a newborn, really huge. But you are not at the end of your surprises because the baby elephant can walk from the moment it is born, which allows it to follow the herd during its nomadic life. On the other hand, it will only be able to drink water with its trunk and eat grass when it is sufficiently developed, from about five months old. In the meantime, it is its mother who feeds it during all this time! We must admit that this is a unique animal species.

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