What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - baby panda
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What Do These Animals Look Like When They’re Born


What Do These Animals Look Like When They're Born - Tapir
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Tapirs are animals that are very easy to recognize: they have a characteristic nose that ends in a short prehensile trunk that they use to catch food. With a massive body, the tapir is more than two meters long and weighs 300 kg. However, chances are that you will never be able to recognize baby tapirs. And with good reason! Newborns have stripes! Baby tapirs can be distinguished from adults by their reddish-brown and white-speckled coat. They really look like a wild boar! Yet it is indeed a tapir! Nevertheless, if baby tapirs are striped it is for a reason. This particular characteristic serves them as perfect camouflage in the bushes. The baby tapirs will thus be able to protect themselves more or less against possible predators. But these beautiful stripes will eventually disappear as the tapir grows. So, when it is about 6 months old, the tapir will start to develop an adult coat, brown-black. At the same time, this animal will gain a lot of weight and will already reach almost its adult size.

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