Was C-6ix9ine Right to Snitch on His Gang

Was C-6ix9ine Right to Snitch on His Gang

Daniel Hernandez, 24 years old, is a rapper who made himself known as Six Nine, a surprising stage name as much as his character. In recent years, he has become more popular than ever because of many controversies, including legal disputes.

Indeed, accused of 17 counts, the fearful rap artist has chosen to collaborate with the justice system in order to avoid being sentenced to a heavy prison term. Thus, he ratted out the members of his gang, called Night Trey Gangsta Bloods, who have been seeking revenge against him ever since. Today, after spending less than two years in prison, Six Nine returned home earlier than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. However, he remains under threat from his former gang mates. But rather than keeping a low profile, the rapper, also known as Tekashi Six Nine, decided to make a name for himself, not without consequences. So, Sex Nine was right to rat out his gang?

That’s what we’ll find out today.

It’s well known, Six Nine is a Brooklyn rapper with long rainbow braids who has experienced a meteoric rise at the end of 2017. Propelled by his title, Gummo, of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin, Sex Nine was obviously trying to play on the gang imagery that marked Californian rap in the 80s and 90s.

tattooed from head to toe and opting for multicoloured teeth, the rapper has in one year only managed to attract a good number of people. After a series of collaborations with several renowned artists, his career was nevertheless briefly put on hold. Indeed, on 18 November 2018, Sex Nine was arrested by the New York Federal Police on suspicion of being part of an ultra-violent criminal organization and accumulated a large amount of police custody. Seventeen counts.

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The federal authorities therefore took the opportunity to make a deal with Sex Nine. If he gave information about the Gansta Bloods and the logistical details of the illegal trafficking that was taking place in New York, the firm would agree to withdraw certain files from his trial, such as the child abduction case observed in 2015.

Now facing a 37-year prison sentence, Sex Nine agreed to provide all the necessary information about the gang to which he belonged. At the opening of his trial, Six nine! Called to the bar, denounced two members of the Nine True blood, Antonie “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke”, claiming that the former assaulted him in July 2018.

He said the man and an accomplice forced him into a stolen car, where they beat him and then drove him home to Brooklyn.

They would also have stolen a bag full of jewels from him. A scene far from what the young man tells in his songs. The star talked regularly about his life as a gangster, his clips also highlight the ultra-violence in which he was evolving. He explained at the trial that he had joined the Nine True Bloods for his career, his street credibility and the protection it offered.

However, the trial revealed that Daniel Hernandez was above all an effective way for the gang to make money and that he was regularly the target of mockery.

Determined not to go it alone, the boy also claimed that Trippie Redd, an artist with whom he had a longstanding rivalry, was also a gang member. The Five Nine Brims, linked to the Nine True Bloods.

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He also claimed that international rapper star Cardi B was also a gang member. The young rapper’s statements could well have been damaging to the superstar of the moment, since the charges in question were brought in court in sworn testimony.

The singer’s record label, anxious to put out the fire, immediately denied the information. After revealing other vital information about her former gang, its activities and its enemies, Six Nine was sentenced to only two years in prison.

He was convicted of racketeering, use of firearms and trafficking in illegal substances. Facts related to shootings and assaults that occurred in New York City while he was a member of the dangerous gang of Nine True Bloods, he was also sentenced to five years’ probation, 300 hours of community service and a fine of $35,000, which must correspond to the amount of the bundles he threw in his clips, having no regrets about betraying his own gang’s rules. However, these charges are unlikely to improve the much-tarnished image of Takashi Six Nine now considered a rat by a large part of the future hip hop industry.

We can call him a rat and Californian rapper YG even dedicated his single Stop Snitchin.

And the consequences don’t stop there for the young rapper. Several members of his gang have the firm intention of taking their revenge. Aware of the danger, Six Nine does not seem to fear reprisals. On the contrary. As for his rapping career, if several people think that it is now definitively buried in hiding, Tekashi Six Nine has decided to prove them wrong without delay.

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Prematurely released in early April to avoid the coronavirus epidemic in prison, Takashi Six Nina was placed under house arrest with an electronic bracelet to serve the last months of his sentence. In other words, he wasted no time in getting people talking about him again.

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