10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs
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10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs

As you know, some creatures have a paralyzing effect on people regardless of how brave they are. And that’s the case with snakes!   These hideous reptiles can be so terrifying that a small dinosaur would look almost harmless next to them.  Imagine a giant snake, called the Titanoboa, that would be able to crumble the famous T-Rex, or that the Gigantophis snake could have fed on animals the size of an elephant.  That would be amazing, wouldn’t it? Besides, even today there are terrifying snakes, some of which could kill 20 people at the same time, as is the case with the Naja Ashei! If you didn’t know about these scary creatures, then sit down and get ready to discover the 10 snakes that are scarier than dinosaurs.

67 million years ago there was a snake that was not afraid of dinosaurs at all. On the contrary, it ate them. In fact, scientists have unearthed the almost complete skeleton of a prehistoric snake in India, more than three meters long.  It is Sanajeh Indicus. In fact, this snake was about to feed on a baby dinosaur that had just been born when the two animals were suddenly buried by a mudslide, which has frozen this unique scene in time.  Thus, the fossil of the predator was discovered in the dinosaur’s nest, along with the preserved remains of a young Tyrannosaurus, 50 cm high. This species of herbivorous dinosaur could weigh up to 100 tons as an adult. Especially because the Sanajeh had a preference for the tender flesh of baby dinosaurs. However, the most surprising thing is that this primitive snake did not have a large jaw, unlike the snakes of our era, to eat these small dinosaurs. But there is no doubt that the Sanajeh was able to move its upper jaw independently from the lower one. This allowed him to consume his favorite prey at will. This snake is obviously not afraid of anything! Fortunately, this species has already been extinct for several million years.  

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Here’s a snake that would make any horror film director blush. What’s his name? The Titanoboa. This giant snake lived in the South American jungle after the extinction of the dinosaurs. At that time, the Titanoboa reigned as a formidable predator. And rightly so! This snake is the longest of all time. In fact, it was no less than 13 meters long, one-meter-wide and weighed over two tones. It’s titanic! So, it’s not surprising that its menu includes huge crocodiles and giant tortoises. No animal could indeed stand up to him, not even the T rex. Certainly, this fearsome dinosaur was endowed with a very strong jaw and colossal legs, but the Titanoboa had an unusual ability to contract. When this snake squeezed its prey, the pressure could reach 280,000 kg/m2. As a result, no animal in the world could have withstood that kind of pressure – if it were still alive, it would certainly have created a real fear in the world! But rest assured, there is no chance of crossing over to the Titanoboa today. This giant reptile crawled onto our planet over 50 million years ago and disappeared at the end of the Paleocene.

Snakes are generally animals that most of us appreciate little… and this one certainly has even less than any other. His name alone has enough to give you the creeps, and there’s plenty of it. Named Gigantophis, this snake was probably the most fearsome snake in the world that ever existed. In fact, before the discovery of Titanoboa, Gigantophis had been considered the world’s largest snake for over a hundred years. The reason? Well, it was almost 11 meters long. Thanks to its enormous size, the Gigantophis was a reptile that could feed on giant fish but also on Moeritherium, a primitive mammal that was the ancestor of today’s elephants. To kill its prey, the snake did not use poison. Being a constrictor snake, this reptile had a rather Herculean strength that allowed it to squeeze its prey before slowly sliding it down its throat. This monstrous snake could, therefore, have attacked the prey of its choice. The most aggressive dinosaurs would probably have shuddered at the Gigantophis. This snake no longer lives among us as it inhabited the earth some 40 million years ago during the Eocene.  

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