10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs
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10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs

Here is a snake that, although little known, is one of the most terrifying in the world. It is the Madtsoia, a carnivorous snake that lived some 80 million years ago from the Late Cretaceous to the Pleistocene. Unfortunately, there are relatively few fossils of this species of snake. For that reason, the scientific community does not always agree with the exact size of the Madtsoia: some argue that it was 10 meters long, while others suggest that the Madtsoia could reach 15 meters in length and weigh a ton and a half. In any case, the Madtsoia was undoubtedly a fierce predator in its time. As feared as it was formidable, this snake was not afraid of the presence of the dinosaurs that roamed around. Far from it! It had probably even attacked certain species of dinosaurs before. However, one thing is certain: this snake is one of the most frightening snakes that the earth has ever seen.

Many snakes have inhabited prehistoric times, most of them large and ferocious. And that is also the case with this reptile named Wonambi. This giant snake actually lived during the Pleistocene in Australia, where it terrorized the aboriginal peoples. In fact, to hunt, this reptile had developed one of the most effective techniques: it ambushed near water points where it surprised kangaroos, wallabies, and other prey that came to drink and killed by constriction. Once he had his prey, he had no chance of escaping. For example, in the indigenous culture, children at the time were forbidden to play at the water’s edge and were only allowed to go to the water’s edge when accompanied by an adult. This precaution made a lot of sense since the Wonambi people knew that it was only a matter of time before their prey came to them. This is indeed a terrifying snake!

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Imagine a snake six times larger than a human being that would have lived in the waters of North Africa. It would have been really scary, especially for diving enthusiasts. Called Paleophis, this marine reptile is one of the biggest snakes of all time. Certain species, like Paleophis colossus, were actually over 9 meters long. Therefore, the Paleophis was probably a formidable predator for all aquatic species. However, it had no venom and was not a constrictor snake. To kill its prey, this snake had to rely exclusively on its strong jaws. Besides, the Paleophis probably had teeth more similar to those of crocodiles than to those of today’s snakes. This enabled it to kill the prey of its choice with ease. Fortunately, this snake is an extinct species since it lived about 70 million years ago.ย 

Here is now a very unique type of snake. It’s the Yurlunggur camfieldensis. This name was given in reference to the terrible and monstrous snake of Australian Aboriginal mythology. And it must be said that this Miocene reptile still has certain points in common with the mythological snake. In fact, having also lived in Australian territory, the Yurlunggur was a fearsome predator that most often lived underground. Thanks to its remarkable ability as a constrictor and its imposing size of more than 6 meters long, this snake could face any animal that ventured to attack it. Thus, for its dinner, the Yurlunggur fed on all kinds of prey. And as if that wasn’t enough to make it terrifying enough, this prehistoric snake looked like the Monitor Lizard. This snake was truly out of this world!

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