10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs
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10 Snakes That Are Scarier Than Dinosaurs

If prehistory is full of much more frightening snakes than the dinosaurs, our present age is not without them either. So, we are far from safe from frightening reptiles. Proof of that is the reticulated python. Native to Southeast Asia, this snake can grow up to ten meters long. Yes, you heard right! This is, without doubt, the largest snake in the world. And it’s quite capable of swallowing a whole man! Thanks to its imposing size, its amazing discretion, and its phenomenal strength, the Reticulated Python is a remarkable predator. On its menu are monkeys, wild pigs, rodents, and, exceptionally, Malaysian bears. In fact, pythons are opportunistic predators, eating whatever they find. So, if you ever travel to Southeast Asia, beware!

The Naja Ashei is an extremely dangerous species of spitting cobra. This brown snake is about three meters long and this immense size has made it the largest spitting cobra in the world. But… it’s also the most dangerous! In fact, the Naja Ashei produces 6.2 ml of poisonous liquid, which contains almost 3 grams of the toxin. Therefore, a single spurt is enough to kill up to 20 humans at a time. Also, this snake, like other species of spitting cobras, can project its venom from a distance of more than 3 meters. So, if you encounter this species of giant spitting cobra, you won’t have a chance to escape if you are in its vicinity. Fortunately, there’s an effective antidote. But you still have to inject it in time! The Naja Ashei is definitely one of the most terrifying snakes in the world. 

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The giant anaconda has been feeding legends for decades. And… it’s not wrong! The Giant Anaconda, as its name suggests, is a very imposing snake. At up to 30 feet long, the anaconda is not the longest snake in the world. But it is actually the heaviest snake: it can weigh over 250 kg and have an impressive circumference of 30 cm. So, in terms of mass, the giant anaconda is the undisputed heavyweight champion among snakes. To reach such a large weight, the anaconda has to feed on large prey, such as pigs, goats, small alligators, etc. But… make no mistake, the anaconda is not a man-eater as legend has it. In theory, it is capable of swallowing a human being, but it is not part of its habits. However, it is always better not to cross the path of the giant anaconda. You never know.

Now is your turn to tell us in the comment section, which of these current and prehistoric snakes you find the most fearsome of all?


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