How Ronaldinho ruined his career

How Ronaldinho ruined his career?

Some top-level athletes do everything in their power to stay on top of their glory, and even when they retire from the sport, they continue to train and maintain their great athletic bodies. Because after all, it is in their interest to preserve this image of sex appeal and charisma, as it can guarantee them substantial income from sponsorships and other advertising contracts. It is for this reason that we often hear about the golden retirement of football players, most of whom are successfully making the transition towards the end of their professional careers. 

But there are, however, some of these stars to whom the football world owes much, and who were on their way to becoming legends, except that the excesses that marked their lives led them to ruin themselves body and soul. The most compelling example that could illustrate these outliers is the failure at all levels of the incredibly gifted Ronaldinho. 

The former Brazilian football star and inventor of several dribbles that will live on in memory, is currently being held in Paraguay. Imprisoned on charges of using false passports, the former footballer, who is still behind bars, is awaiting the continuation of the police investigation, which appears to be dragging on, especially as the coronavirus pandemic that has not spared Paraguay risks delaying it even further. 

But how did a star of his stature come to use the stratagems of vile smugglers? And how did Ronaldinho, who had earned huge sums of money while playing in Europe, end up almost ruined and penniless? Make yourself comfortable, because that’s what we’re going to try and find out today.

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Ronaldinho Gaucho is undoubtedly one of the greatest football players who ever lived, with his jocular style of play and impressive dribbles, not to mention, of course, his innate sense of scoring.  Born into a poor family in the middle of a Brazilian favela, he found refuge in football at an early age, helped in this by his father, a former glory of the local club, Cruzeiro. 

The latter took little Ronaldinho out of training at a very early age and made him take free kicks, corners, penalties and anything else that would help his son develop. In 1988 and with the death of his father, Roberto Assis, Ronaldinho’s older brother, took over and continued the training of his younger brother. The latter was also an outstanding footballer, just like his father, and represented a great hope for his club, but Roberto had to give up to support the family and also to ensure that he had enough time to devote to his brother’s training, in which he saw even greater potential that would soon explode. 

Under the guidance of his brother and mentor, Ronaldinho unleashed his incredible talent and soon reached the heights of glory. Thus, in 2001, when he arrived at Paris Saint Germain, he was accompanied by his older brother, as an agent, who concluded all transactions with the Parisian club with the greatest of secrecy. Roberto had in fact negotiated the terms of his younger brother’s contract in complete secrecy, as his club, Gremio FBPA, stubbornly refused to let Ronny go, seeing in him a rising star who could easily lead them to Brazilian league supremacy. In 1997, Gremio even turned down the $6 million offered by Dutch club PSV Eindhoven against the slim young striker who had impressed the world with his performances at the FIFA U-17 World Cup. 

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The Brazilian club had even agreed to a substantial increase in Ronny’s monthly salary, which was to rise to over 150,000 euros in the first year and 413,000 euros the following year. It was a devastating blow to Gremio when the PSG contract was made official, and a devilishly harsh pill for the club’s members. The case was even taken to the Brazilian courts, but the club had to face the fact that Roberto, Ronaldinho’s brother and manager, had carefully attended to all the legal details, showing great expertise in handling this PSG affair, which will remain very famous in Brazil. 

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