How Ronaldinho ruined his career

How Ronaldinho ruined his career?

Gremio finally resigned themselves to releasing their colt, who would be whistled at by the public who had previously adored him, and the older brother Roberto would be adorned with the cap of a dirty traitor to the nation, having preferred to make money to the detriment of the national cause, and giving a foreign country, in this case France, the benefit of the talents of a young man who had been trained in Brazil.  For Ronaldinho, as for his older brother, the affair was in fact the basis of a tumultuous relationship with Brazilian justice, which he was not about to forget. 

Although he did not win any major titles with his new Parisian club, the young footballing virtuoso really revealed himself to the world, taking advantage of his new team’s international reputation and excessive emphasis on the media. His brilliant performances, such as his match against OM at the Velodrome, attracted the attention of Europe’s biggest clubs, and he was coveted by Manchester United and Real Madrid. 

In the end, however, it was FC Barcelona who signed him, not without paying a record 27 million euros. From then on, Ronaldinho’s destiny was to take off, and for five seasons he would participate in his club’s two league titles and Champions League triumphs, as well as in obtaining the coveted Golden Ball in 2005.

Ronaldinho, with his frenetic dribbling and his hats spread out on the pitch, his handling of the ball and also his funny antics on the field, is a delight to the fans of Barcelona. His popularity now extends beyond football, as evidenced by his numerous advertising contracts, including Nike, which even offers him 24-carat gold shoes. During his first three years at Barcelona, Ronaldinho is considered by many amateurs and professionals of the football as the best player in the world. But the happiness won’t last much longer than that, as the Brazilian’s poor lifestyle will considerably undermine his skills on the field. 

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And his many excesses soon drew criticism not only from the public but also from his teammates, such as the highly disciplined Samuel Eto’o. Ronaldinho now wears the bad label of the hardcore party animal and money-waster, not hesitating to spend crazy amounts of money to party with his friends. 

His countless endless evenings in which alcohol flows and guests are counted in their hundreds come at a cost, and this cost is no small one. Despite the good advice and wealth management of his older brother Roberto, Ronaldinho is squandering his money at breakneck speed, threatening to drain the good fortune he earned playing for the Blaugrana. 

Indeed, the footballing virtuoso narrowly escaped total ruin on several occasions, thanks only to advertising contracts negotiated largely by Roberto. He was also the one who skillfully managed Ronnie’s move to AC Milan, and it was always under his impetus that the star decided to get back on his feet and concentrate on his training. 

Ronaldinho’s assists and dribbles have delighted fans at the San Siro and helped AC Milan win the Italian championship in 2011. But after this spectacular resurrection, which has rekindled the flame in the hearts of his fans, Ronaldinho falls for the umpteenth time into the whirlpool of samba and wild partying, and quickly returns to his old demons. The star was about to fall on the field and into the esteem of the Italian public, and Ronaldinho found himself once again in a difficult financial situation.

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